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 Management of Celebrity Sports & Music clientele. More than two Decades of experience working with high-profile roster, for more information about services and structure of contracts please inquire through contact tab.

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Who We Are

Founded by Arie Deutsch in 2003 as a music and sports management company, RE D grew into a lifestyle brand over the course of a decade. The new wave of RE D is an all-encompassing personal and corporate management firm based in New York City.

In 2005 Arie expanded the company to marry his talent relationships with his corporate clients and created RE D Events which now brings passion, enthusiasm and edge to each experience. From annual CES concerts in Vegas to corporate retreats, RE D is the go to for the people we all "go to." 

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Entertainment & Sports Management

Decades of Experience Guide You 

Know that you are not alone. With more than a decade of experience, Arie and his team will make sure you are getting the best, it's what you deserve. Success is about bringing your ideas to the table and watching them grow, while we do the hard work. Let's do this!

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Consulting & Business Development

The Path to Success

Arie places clients at the TOP!
RE D clients are our number one priority, and we go the extra mile to make sure they’re completely satisfied with our work. Have a specific project that requires professional attention? Arie personally oversees every new client and his services are designed to tackle even the most complex projects. Having worked in technology, sports, music and the arts, Arie's unique ability to understand specialized corporate needs allows him to advance company growth in a tailored way. We live in a world where social connection, networking and constant communication are critical. Be connected with the best.

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Event Coordination

Let Every Event be Your Best

Branding begins with your best foot forward. Events are only worth the money if the money is well spent. RE D thrives by bringing clients together in creative environments. Let us bring your vision to life in vivid color. From CES to corporate retreats, the next big event think RE D.


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“For 15 years whenever I need something Arie has been the guy I turn to, he gets it done.”

Kurt Thomas, Retired NBA Player

"I've had the pleasure of working with Arie on a variety of levels for more than a decade. Our working relationship has transcended into a true friendship. There is truly no one else like Arie. He can get anything done, done well, and quickly."

Stephen White, CEO Dubset Media

“We have worked with Arie for over 5 years, each year relying on Arie more and more to help us achieve our marketing and brand goals. We know firsthand Arie's clients always come first. We look forward to a long and continued relationship with him.”

Billy Purser, Digitalsmiths, a TiVo® Company

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Arie Deutsch

Arie Deutsch began his career in technology and music management after graduating from George Washington University in 2003. Directly out of college Arie created an innovative voice translation software Voxonic. He parlayed his technology experience into a music career using the equipment in the off hours to edit sound.

He went on to manage music legend Bob Marley's son Ky-mani Marley, the late Prodigy, and many other hit artists.

Arie expanded his company to incorporate Athletic management and has the honor of working with NBA star Kurt Thomas, NFL Super Bowl champion Willie Colon, Poker World Champion Dan Colman and many more.

As a part of his networking and business development, Arie parlayed his musical talent relationships and began booking them into corporate events which led to an entire new arm of RE D management. Today celebrating millions of dollars of successful launches and concerts across the United States. 

15 years later, Arie does business development, consulting, event coordination, personal management, parents his beautiful daughter (initials RED), and sometimes finds time to sleep. Between managing high-end client roster and multi-city concert routes, along with major branding and budgeting needs. Arie is the best kept secret, you never knew you needed, and can’t live without! The best place to find Arie is walking quickly through Midtown on a call and usually saying, "Let's Do This!" 


Crystal Fisher

Celebrating two fruitful careers in creative markets, Crystal pairs tech-savvy innovation, and an affinity for brand development to the entertainment field. An Emmy-award winning Journalist, Crystal spent 8 years on-camera with PBS, Investigation Discovery, and CCTV. She then turned her communications skills into physical sales in the world of real estate. 

In 2013, Crystal took a position as the director of marketing for a luxury real estate firm in Manhattan developing brand identities for multiple multimillion dollar properties. She celebrates her philanthropic projects, as the director of marketing for the Orlando Invictus Games, and remains devoted to our heroes as a board member of Fisher House foundation. She is also passionate about Commercial Real Estate, Hospitality and raising her little one in the cultural hub of the world, NYC! 

She can be found at the latest pop-up museum with her brilliant little one or somewhere in the metaverse learning something new! As an eternal student she loves to figure out new ways to make sure the RE D team can “do this” no matter what “THIS” might be! 

Crystal designed this website for promotional use only. It is solely owned by RE D management and Arie Deutsch and his heir/s. 

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DJ Rob DiNero

Rob DiNero creates the sound of RE D that continues to evolve with the clientele and their needs. Her joins the RE D team sharing his musical and artistic talent through mentoring, and event-making. Known for skill in remastering the greats, DJ Dinero can be found wearing headphones on his endless quest to find  the next great! Artist - Venue - Hit! Or creating on a digital canvas, Inspired by the sounds of the world he applies his artistry to graphic design. A double-threat, DiNero says there is “nothing that cannot be done,” he adds, “but making it my level of great takes a team of great individuals!” DiNero thrives under pressure, his goal is to find  beautiful success.

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